Virtual Reality combined with real roller coaster ride

One of the Gold Coast theme parks was seeking a solution to overhaul a roller coaster ride by enhancing the experience with virtual reality (VR).

The plan was to have guests wearing VR headsets which are synced perfectly to the twists and turns of the ride.

Thomas Saunders

Each train is equipped with a Hall effect sensor that tracks the revolution of the wheels to determine exactly where on the ride the guests are. A custom software was developed by Team Brookvale which feeds the Hall effect sensor readings to a railway grade Advantech Computer. It transmits the data to the headsets 1,000 times per second via WiFi, working to ensure that the VR story unfolds in a fluid and fully synced way.

The roller coaster ride is in its testing phase and will be available for the public later this year.

Note: VR software and Hall effect sensor was developed by other parties.

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