Mobile App development for Gainsborough Australia

Team Brookvale, had the opportunity to work with one of Australia’s largest lock manufacturers, an ASX 200 and S&P 500 listed company and created an incredible smart lock App that is now available all over Australia.

Thomas Saunders
Bunnings Bunnings Lock page

The smart lock was featured in the September 2020 issue in Bunnings magazine and on the Gainsborough website under Freestyle eTrilock.


Gainsborough Freestyle eTrilock App

How does the Freestyle eTrilock work?

It is a lock that you can use/control with your smartphone.

It works with BLE (“Bluetooth Low Energy”) and remotely through a gateway.

The App uses OTA (“Over-The-Air”) firmware updates over BLE so the lock is updated at all times. It achieves this by the App on the mobile phone receiving periodic upgrades of new features and bug fixes from the App Store and updates firmware through BLE on demand.

The App can be used remotely with a Gateway/Wi-Fi Bridge that is plugged in to a powerpoint nearby the lock. The App operates the lock remotely by sending requests to the cloud which gets transferred to the Gateway then from there through BLE to the lock.


Technologies Used

  • Swift
  • ReSwift (Redux implementation in Swift)
  • Amazon Web Services

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